The Giving Tree

Thank you to all of the donors who have made the Giving Tree bloom!

You can still support the live stakes project and all of Chesapeake Conservancy’s programs by making a gift today.

When we give of ourselves, we get so much back. Your generosity and compassion makes the Chesapeake Bay a healthier, happier place.

Join us as we work toward our goal of planting 27,000 live stakes — baby trees — along eight miles of streams in the Susquehanna River watershed this upcoming fall and spring. When these stakes grow into full-sized trees and shrubs, their roots will absorb runoff before it enters the stream. Their leaves will provide shade for the water and food for insects. Land animals like beavers, elk, songbirds, and others will also get food and shelter from the trees.

Planting live stakes is a low-cost, easy way to improve water quality and the health of wildlife. And you can make that happen.

First, volunteers take live cuttings from trees and shrubs.
If the stakes won’t be planted immediately, we store them in refrigerated units.
Finally, we plant them within 15 feet of the stream so they can provide maximum benefits!